Scholarship For Social Good – Highlighting Community Service and Leadership

Students involved in community service activities often qualify for scholarships and other financial supports that provide help, including summer programs, leadership seminars, and travel opportunities.

This scholarship program stands out as being unlike any other, providing future social entrepreneurs with tailored programming and mentorship, in order to foster long-term social impact for society.

The Anna Schiller Memorial Scholarship

The Community Foundation of Northern Illinois offers this scholarship to graduating seniors from Boone, Ogle, Stephenson and Winnebago counties who intend to pursue a college degree. It honors Anna Schiller from Rockford Christian High School who died of cystic fibrosis at 15 years old. Applicants should demonstrate an outstanding spirit of love toward people exhibited by Anna in her interactions with family, friends and the community; applicants should also exhibit good academic records, leadership abilities and evidence of service activities.

Against the Grain Productions Scholarship is available to students with a desire to improve the lives of Asian-American youth. To apply, applicants must submit both an essay and documentary video showing leadership and entrepreneurialism as part of the application process; also required are transcripts, extracurricular pursuits and YMCA involvement details along with interviews with selection panels to complete their application process.

Applications must submit an essay outlining how their education will help improve community life. A committee will select one candidate based on criteria including academic standing, leadership skills, community involvement and financial need; scholarship amounts vary accordingly.

This program recognizes graduating high school seniors with a 3.0 GPA or higher who demonstrate excellence in community service activities. Application requires writing an essay describing how their education will help their community and future career plans; additional requirements include letters of recommendation, current photo, and proof of financial need.

This scholarship recognizes students who have made outstanding contributions to improving humanity, society and/or the environment. To be considered for this honor, applicants must write an essay addressing this topic, provide two letters of recommendation and write their personal statement. Applicant must be an undergraduate or graduate student attending either a public or private university, community college, technical college, or other postsecondary institution in the US. Scholarship amounts and terms vary. The Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation also provides other scholarships, such as the John B. and Ruth H. Whitehead Scholarshp, to women who demonstrate financial need who plan to continue their studies at an accredited college or university.

The Campus Compact Scholarship

Campus Compact Scholarship is intended to encourage civic engagement among students by supporting community service and service learning within academic studies. Each year, one student who displays leadership and commitment in service learning – such as developing innovative service-learning courses or forming effective and meaningful partnerships with community partners – is awarded this yearly scholarship award. Applicants should demonstrate strong commitments towards educational equity and social justice when making their application.

This fellowship program, named in honor of Campus Compact founder Frank Newman, equips students with training and resources that foster their assets and passions while aiding in social change strategies. Furthermore, it gives them networking opportunities within an international network of scholars and students and offers both in-person and virtual learning and networking experiences.

Campus Compact is a national coalition of colleges and universities dedicated to the public purposes of higher education. Through campus engagement initiatives such as student civic learning and community service initiatives, Campus Compact fosters high-impact civic engagement while advocating for policies which support such activity.

Since 1985, this coalition has been led by college presidents who shared an interest in maintaining democracy within their respective nations. These leaders acknowledged the necessity of an engaged citizenry for any democracy to flourish – something higher education can play an integral part in doing.

Campus Compact recognizes up to five individuals at its member institutions who have excelled at service-learning and civic engagement each year, at the annual national conference known as Compact24. The 2018 winners were honored with various awards such as Nadinne Cruz Community Engagement Professional Award, Thomas Ehrlich Civically Engaged Faculty Award, Ernest A Lynton Scholarship of Engagement Award Richard Guarasci Institutional Transformation Award and Eduardo J Padron Institutional Transformation Award.

Campus Compact will launch the 2024-2025 Engaged Scholars Initiative cohort this September to further cultivate a diverse and early-career* faculty and staff who can lead equity-focused change at their institutions and communities. The yearlong program includes two in-person retreats, monthly virtual meetings throughout the year, and pursuit of individual scholarly projects.

The New York Times Scholarship

The New York Times Scholarship offers exceptional high school students who have overcome extraordinary circumstances an exceptional scholarship opportunity. Established in 1999, this four-year program awards four-year scholarships, mentoring support and internship opportunities at The New York Times.

Each year, this scholarship is bestowed upon a student who exhibits both academic excellence and community service commitment. Students are chosen based on their desire to make the world better for themselves and others as leaders in their field; their dedication must also include commitment to making positive contributions towards creating brighter futures for themselves and others.

Applicant must be an active high school senior who has demonstrated academic excellence and community service commitment. Residents of New York City attending any public, private, or parochial high school within its borders. An applicant should include an essay that highlights how they have overcome hardship to make a difference through service projects in their lives and those around them.

Participating students receive full tuition scholarships and collaborate with The New York Times to complete a summer internship. This program is an incredible opportunity for those passionate about writing who wish to pursue journalism as a profession.

This scholarship program seeks to assist underserved and motivated young women committed to leadership, social change and improving girls’ status in society. This award honors Thomas J. Kilcullen, an esteemed former New York State Supreme Court Justice.

Scholarship applications for college students who share a commitment to social change are welcome; applicants must be US citizens with a high GPA. Special consideration will be given to Alliant customers living in Iowa or Wisconsin that have shown leadership, scholarship and financial need – this scholarship offers up to $1,000 value; applications close in November.

The Anna Schiller Memorial Fund

The Anna Schiller Memorial Fund Scholarship provides high school students who demonstrate exceptional community service and leadership abilities with financial assistance from the Community Foundation of Northern Illinois (CFNIL). Students must submit an application and write an essay detailing their volunteerism, leadership activities and community service, plus provide a letter of recommendation and attend an interview before being selected by a selection committee for this need-based award ranging from $500 to $10,000.

The Against the Grain Productions Scholarship is another scholarship for social good that emphasizes leadership and community service. Open to students of all majors, applicants should explain how their unique qualities as leaders could help improve Asian-American lives and submit an essay as well as produce a short video, submit their most recent transcript and financial data as part of this application process and attend an interview for consideration.

Students should carefully evaluate each application, selecting those which meet their needs best. Scholarship money may not be their sole priority – some programs also provide mentoring services or internship referrals, among other forms of support. It would also be prudent for them to submit multiple scholarship applications – this increases their odds of receiving funding!

Colleges pride themselves on cultivating well-rounded individuals, and community service scholarships play a pivotal role in this process. Community service scholarships help students get the education they need while also building networks of like-minded peers. Scholarships can also serve as an opportunity to showcase an applicant’s unique qualities, helping them stand out amongst competitors. Applying for these scholarships can be both educational and rewarding experiences for both applicants and donors alike. Donors can watch their dollars put to work, while recipients can see and feel proud of the difference they are making in society. Together they can continue making an impactful statement about caring about one another – scholarships are an effective way of doing just that!

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